Central United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 09, 2020

Dear Central United Methodist Family,

 This past week has been unprecedented with the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) dominating the news cycle. The purpose of this correspondence is to inform you of our church’s actions for the next few weeks.

 After receiving governmental recommendations and following our bishop’s guidance, we are suspending all church activities effective March 17 until at least April 1. This decision was reached by our church’s lay and ministerial leadership. On Monday, March 30, this same leadership group will reconvene to evaluate the situation and determine our future steps, which could include further activity suspensions.

 John Wesley urged Methodists to do no harm, to do good, and to stay in love with God. This decision is our effort to do all three. By suspending our activities on and off campus, we are reducing the exposure to COVID-19 and helping to reduce its spread to highly susceptible persons in our congregation

We encourage you to continue your personal bible study. We are working on having abbreviated worship services broadcast at least for the next two Sundays via Mediacom (Channel 81 [Analog] or Channel 82-17 [HD]), our YouTube Channel, and postings on our Facebook page.

 Even though we are suspending our activities for a few weeks, our church’s expenses continue to occur. I am asking you to intentionally support your church during this time with your tithes and offerings. You can give online (www.centralumc.net using the My Tithe menu) or mail (PO Box 428, Fitzgerald GA 31750).

You can still contact our church staff. However, I urge you NOT to come to the office so you or others are not exposed, but instead call us (229.423.9381). You can reach our pastors and full-time staff members at this number. We love you and still want to minister to you without you or us taking any undue risks. If you need pastoral care, please call BJ or me at the office. We will handle pastoral care matters via phone.

I do believe that we serve a God that is bigger than any virus! Our decision and these precautions are not about us being afraid, but about using our God-given wisdom to take care of each other and our neighbors in this unusual time.

Thank you for understanding and supporting this decision. It was not an easy decision. It truly breaks my heart, but I do believe that this is the right decision at this time. If you have questions about this decision, please call me at the church office. God bless you all as we help each other overcome the COVID-19 outbreak. 

 Your Servant In Christ,

Pastor Rich Wright, D.Min.

Central United Methodist Church

Fitzgerald, Georgia

Welcome to Central United Methodist Church

201 W. Central Avenue

Fitzgerald, Georgia

We are a part of the United Methodist Church and embrace our history and theology that we are all chosen by  God; adopted by Him back into His family; our sin is forgiven by the act of Jesus Christ who is our Lord and savior. As such, we have a spiritual inheritance that began the moment we accepted what Jesus did for us and is realized through the gifts and graces which He gives to each of us uniquely; and we have been given the very Spirit of Christ to guide, direct, teach and comfort us. All of this is a direct result of God's grace; a free gift, nothing we do can earn it for us. Having such a rich spiritual life made available to us we are called to demonstrate it by how we live, in holiness of lifestyle and action, as God changes us from the inside out. That is why we are so eager to love, accept and serve this world we live in. Please join us in our worship of God our creator and celebrate His saving grace provided to us through His son, Jesus Christ.

Our regular schedule of worship is:


9:00 AM - Early Morning Worship (Chapel)

9:15 to 9:45 AM - Fellowship Breakfast

9:45 AM - Sunday School for all ages

11:00 AM - Morning Worship (Sanctuary)