Nucleic Acids Research Publishes ECUST Research Progress in Acylation Modification and Biosynthesis Metabolism of Protein

Recently, the research team of Professor Ye Bangtse from the School of Bioengineering and the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, ECUST, has made important progress again in the research of acylation modification and biosynthesis metabolism in protein. The related research article was published in the internationally renowned academic journal Nucleic Acids Research with the title of “A meet-up of acetyl phosphate and c-di-GMP modulates BldD activity for development and antibiotic production”.

The article is first-authored by doctoral student Fu Yu, and co-corresponding-authored by Professor Ye Bangtse and Associate Professor You Di. This research has been financially supported by the National Key R&D Plan and the National Natural Science Foundation.


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