Central United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 04, 2020
Dear Central United Methodist Family,
Since mid-March, we have been under the state's COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Public Safety Emergency Orders. We had to suspend all of our group and worship activities. With the latest order modification, the order's expiration is on June 30. We want you to be comfortable with what we are doing before your return and what our return plan looks like. Below you will find those various phases. Thank you for your patience thus far and we covet your patience as we move forward through these phases until we return to all of our ministries with no restrictions. The dates below are current as of 06/15/2020. - - Pastor Rich Wright
Worship services are available on Mediacom and YouTube. A link to YouTube will be on the church’s Facebook page.
All buildings will be washed with soapy bleach solution followed by disinfectant.
All medically vulnerable people, those exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing), those who have tested positive for COVID-19, and those who are concerned about contracting the virus are urged to remain at home until Phase 3.
We can call, text, and email each other to check on one another.
Virtual Sunday School classes, youth meetings, and children gatherings online through Zoom are being conducted.
We can pray for our church and ask God to prepare us for what lies ahead.
We can support our church's ministries financially by giving online or via the mail. Our mail is being regularly picked up and gifts are deposited in a timely manner.
Church Office opened on June 15, but you are urged not to come to the office. Please call first for a ministerial staff member to assist you.
PHASE 1 (3 weeks after return date - Slated for July 5 to July 25) 
Church Office opens, but you are urged not to come to the office. Call instead.
Social distancing between households will be encouraged during worship services.
Face Masks, provided by the individual, are encouraged to be worn.
Hand sanitizer will be at the sanctuary entrances.
All worship services will be held in the sanctuary as family worship services. None held in the Chapel.
No Sunday School classes, choirs, small group studies, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, or committee meetings on campus. They can be held online virtually as determined by the various small groups.
The nursery will not be in operation.
Fellowship breakfasts will not be held.
Holy Communion and baptisms will not be observed.
The front doors of the sanctuary and the wheelchair lift will be accessible for entrances and exits. Do not use the door between the office building and the sanctuary. 
Offerings by "passing the plate" will not be observed. Either upon entry or exit from the worship services, offerings will be placed in offering plates located at the sanctuary doors.
The Children’s Blessing will occur, but the children are to remain in their seats. There will be no Children's Church.
The Ritual of Fellowship will be observed, but social distancing and no physical contact between households will be encouraged. A “holy hand wave” is suggested.
No congregational singing during the worship services.
At the end of the services, please follow the ushers' directions who will sequence your exit from back to the front of the sanctuary to further encourage social distancing. The pastors will not be at the exit doors in order to maintain social distancing.
PHASE 2 (4th through 6th week after return date - Slated for July 26 - August 15)
All of the provisions from Phase 1 are still in effect, except for the following:
Limited congregational singing during worship services.
PHASE 3 (6 week after return date - Slated for August 16)
All group ministries will be able to meet, including our nursery, fellowship breakfasts, Sunday School, small groups, and committees.
Congregational singing and choir ministries may be expanded based on further research.
All Sacraments will be observed.
Worship services will be held in the Chapel (9 AM service) and Sanctuary (11 AM service).
All doors will be used to enter our buildings.
Ritual of Fellowship can include physical contact via hugs and handshakes.
Children's Blessing and Children's Church will be held in its normal manner.
Offerings will be taken up during the service by "passing the plate."
Hand Sanitizer will be available at most of our buildings' entrances.
There is no shame if you still want to wear your Face Masks for your personal protection during worship and group ministries.
Worship services will still be broadcast on Mediacom and YouTube.


Welcome to Central United Methodist Church

201 W. Central Avenue

Fitzgerald, Georgia

We are a part of the United Methodist Church and embrace our history and theology that we are all chosen by  God; adopted by Him back into His family; our sin is forgiven by the act of Jesus Christ who is our Lord and savior. As such, we have a spiritual inheritance that began the moment we accepted what Jesus did for us and is realized through the gifts and graces which He gives to each of us uniquely; and we have been given the very Spirit of Christ to guide, direct, teach and comfort us. All of this is a direct result of God's grace; a free gift, nothing we do can earn it for us. Having such a rich spiritual life made available to us we are called to demonstrate it by how we live, in holiness of lifestyle and action, as God changes us from the inside out. That is why we are so eager to love, accept and serve this world we live in. Please join us in our worship of God our creator and celebrate His saving grace provided to us through His son, Jesus Christ.

Our regular schedule of worship is:


9:00 AM - Early Morning Worship (Chapel)

9:15 to 9:45 AM - Fellowship Breakfast

9:45 AM - Sunday School for all ages

11:00 AM - Morning Worship (Sanctuary)